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Nir Livnat: The 88.22 Carat Oval Diamond | Diacore

Diacore, led by its Chairman Nir Livnat, is thrilled to have undertaken an auction of a lifetime where a flawless 88.22-carat oval diamond found its new home. The piece which was sold for US$13.8 million is one of only three such diamonds that have more than 50 carats and which have ever appeared in an auction. It is also the largest piece of diamond to have been auctioned for the past five years.

The new owner, a Japanese precious stones collector, first sighted the oval diamond in an exhibition in Japan. He considered this piece to be such a treasured possession and even went ahead to name it after his firstborn daughter ‘Manami Star’.

During the auction, the diamond attracted three bidders and outdid its estimated price of between US$11.2 – 12.7 million. It fetched such a high prize that each carat might have cost up to US$156,150.

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The oval diamond has been described as having the D color, which is the highest-ranking for white diamonds. It comes with exceptional clarity, as well as excellent polishing. It is one of the scarce diamonds that are used to make the crowns for Britain’s royal family.

What makes this diamond spectacular is the fact that it was cut from a 242 carat rough stone, which is a rare occurrence. The oval shape was the most ideal for preserving most of the weight.

The stone could only be handled by the best-skilled cutters worldwide, and this explains the precision and perfection it exhibits. The fact that it is an 88 carat makes it more precious in the Asian regions where they consider the number 8 to be a lucky number that symbolizes prosperity.

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