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A First of its kind Rare Diamond Online Auction

A spectacular occurrence took place on the 5th of October 2020 in Hong Kong. For the first time, a rare gem was auctioned online. The most impressive bit is the fact that Sotheby’s attached no reserve price to it, yet it managed to fetch up to HK$121,562,000, an equivalent of US$15,694,870.

The diamond was a coveted rare piece that was sold at a price that is equal to its value even without a reserve price. The first bid was at HK$1, but this quickly escalated to the final sale price. This was the highest value ever to be placed on a jewel and more so in an online auction.

One of a Kind Auction

A private collector from Japan placed the winning bid, and it came via a phone call. After purchasing the rare diamond, he named it after his second daughter, ‘Maiko Star.’ This same collector bought yet another 88.22-carat rare diamond last year and named it after his firstborn daughter, ‘Manami Star’.

Nir Livnat, the executive chairman of Diacore, describes the diamond as a perfect piece that meets all high-quality diamond standards. It is in the category of the highest quality white diamonds. It meets all the criteria, ranging from the perfect D color to the clarity and perfect symmetrical oval shape.

Watch the Full Video of the Auction:

This 102.39 diamond is one of the rarest gems, which make up less than 2% of all diamonds. This category, referred to as Type lla, comprises the purest diamonds that are exceptionally clear.

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