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Diacore: Ron Arad – The Last Train

When Ron Arad was approached by Nir Livnat, the Excutive Chairman of Diacore, to create a piece that would incorporate diamonds, he came up with ‘The Last Train’. In this piece, he mostly talks about the strength of the rock that diamonds are shaped from. This is as opposed to the familiar analogy of diamonds symbolizing value and beauty. 

Arad brings out a different perspective of how these precious stones were used to send messages such as love, pain, rebellion, or even hate in the early days spanning to the 16th Century.

Besides the text written by Ron Arad and his counterpart Francesco Clemente the 55th Venice Biennale exhibition also includes pieces by great artists such as David Shrigley, Richard Wilson, Anthony Gormley, Richard Wilson, Sara Fanelli, Robert Wilson, and Cornelia Parker among others.

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In this particular writing about the last train, Ron Arad talks about how he was headed to the train station to catch the last train, but unfortunately, he got there just as the door ere closing. Before the train left the station, he realized a guy who was in a carriage all by himself. This guy had a ring on his hand which he used to draw beautiful pictures on the glass. This scene reminded him of Picasso, a guy he had seen drawing images in the air using a match stick.

 Despite missing the train and having no idea of how he would get out of Naples, what he had just witnessed brought a lot of satisfaction his way. The pieces he was displaying in the exhibition were all about that spectacular event, said Ron Arad.

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