The gemstone industry has been the biggest beneficiary of the expertise Nir Livnat brings to the table. He is a man of many achievements, all of which have been possible because of his versatile personality. He thrives wherever he goes.

Attributes and Education

Livnat’s educational background is in Science, where he majored in Economics, Business Administration, Mathematics, and Information systems. Besides the knowledge acquired in school, he has learned a lot through experience, especially in precious stones. Being a business-minded individual, he is also actively involved in real estate and financial markets.

Nir Livnat

Nir Livnat Current Activities

Currently, Nir Livnat is the Executive Chairman of the Diacore Diamond group. He is a renowned leader in the world of jewelry business with unique knowledge of rare and exceptional gemstones. His main responsibility is to manage the procurement of rough diamonds from all over the world. Besides the jewelry business, Livnat has also established himself in other lines of business as an investor.

One of these companies is Senvest Capital, based in Montreal, Canada, where he is a key investor. The other company where he holds shares is sage capital global, which operates in different parts of Europe, Asia, and America.
Because of his exemplary skills in driving the business agenda, all the companies he has invested in are generating high returns.

Nir Livnat

Diacore Diamond Group

Diacore Diamond group is the leading sight holder globally, with diversified interests in the diamond industry providing rough, polished, and extraordinary diamonds to customers around the world.

Diacore currently has an annual turnover of 1.5B. Since 1980, the company has been running its operations in the Southern parts of Africa, with its main base in Johannesburg, South Africa. Besides South Africa, they also operate in Canada, Hong Kong, and San Diego.

Nir Livnat has also manged to lead a collobartion bwtween Sotheby’s, an internationally recognized auction house, and Diacore. This collaboration has created Sotheby’s diamonds – an important joint venture offering the rarest and most desirable diamonds set in exquisitely designed jewellery.

Past Achievements

In the past, Nir has worked in different capacities. Before joining the diamond business, he worked as a computer programmer. Before being promoted to the Executive Chairman position, he served as the Chief Operating Officer at Diacore Diamond Group for nine years.

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